How a Landing Page Can Increase Your SEO

A landing page is a great tool to enhance your website’s SEO. A landing page is a web page built for a specific purpose, like selling or promoting a product. If you are selling a product or service, this could be a single page dedicated to providing information about a sale, promotion, or its benefits. A landing page is meant to spread information, increase traffic or awareness, and most importantly, capture more leads!

The reason a landing page can be so effective is that it is specifically targeted to serve a purpose with a clear CTA (call to action).

This might be your solution if you have a large website that showcases many aspects of your business but want to attract more attention to one area.

A landing page can be thought of as a secondary website to promote your product or service. By purchasing a domain name for your landing page, you can choose a URL targeted to your page’s purpose and audience. If, for example, you’re selling a new brand of cat food (we love cats), this URL could be something like This will increase search results for people looking for cat food and also provide referral links back to your main website since the page will technically be a website of its own. This is especially useful if your primary website sells many products but doesn’t have a URL relevant to the product you are promoting.

Let’s pretend we have an e-commerce website called that sells a wide range of products for cats. This could include food, toys, cat houses, etc. This is great, but the domain does not specify anything about cat food, the product we are trying to sell. With a landing page and a unique URL, we can increase our search results and lead more traffic to these specific pages and sell more cat food!